Become a member

The Alma City Club currently has just over 100 members. To maintain exclusivity and due to space reasons, the Club will stop accepting new members once we reach 300.

Invitation to join: To become a member, you first need to be invited by an existing member or by contacting the club.

Share purchase: Becoming an individual member means being an owner in the club by purchasing 2,000 shares in 114 Alma Club Inc. Currently, the cost of 2,000 shares has been established at $2,000 (HST is not applicable).

Membership fees: Regular membership fees are $450 + HST per shareholder member. All members are invited to include their spouse or partner for an additional $125 + HST per year. Fees are reviewed annually by the Board of Directors.

Other membership options:  Corporate memberships are available for $3,000 + HST. This entitles the corporate member to a minimum of three non-voting memberships (regular annual membership fees apply). There is no requirement to purchase shares in 114 Alma Club Inc.

Associate members: Non-voting Associate memberships are available at a cost of $550 + HST per year. There is no requirement to purchase shares in 114 Alma Club Incorporated.

Other details: Voting rights at Club meetings: Only shareholder members in good standing have voting rights. Corporate and Associate members do not have voting rights. Spouses/partners do not have voting rights unless they are full shareholder members.

For more information on how to join, contact a current Alma City Club member or contact the manager.

To become a corporate member

If you wish to become a corporate member please download this PDF and file out the form and email the form to